Pipeline Strainers

Pipeline Strainers are used by industrial and commercial customers to protect their process piping equipment by removing debris from the liquid that flows through pipelines.  Our strainers filter a variety of fluids to trap solids of almost any size. Products include duplex basket strainers, simplex basket strainers, Y strainers, Tee type, plastic, and steam jacketed strainers. Check out the Application Information Form designed to help you with the details needed for one of our Technical Advisors to assist you with the right strainer for your application.


Model 85 Heavy Duty Y Strainer

Model 85 Y Strainers are engineered to stand up to the most aggressive of industrial and commercial applications year after year. Strainers protect downstream process system components by mechanically removing unwanted solids from liquid, gas, or steam lines by means of a perforated or wire mesh straining element.

Model 72 Simplex Strainer

Model 72 Simplex Strainer has been the industry standard simplex basket strainer for over 75 years. It’s perfect for industrial and commercial applications where the line can be temporarily shut down for strainer basket cleaning or change out. A reason for its popularity is the unusually large basket capacity…Learn more

Model 73 Straight Flow Basket Strainer

Model 73 Straight Flow Basket Strainer Large size pipelines with high flow rates require a unique type of basket strainer. The typical design for smaller size pipelines just won’t perform efficiently (the pressure loss would be too high and the baskets too large to easily remove and clean.) These problems have been solved by the […]

Model 72 Steam Jacketed Basket Strainer

The Model 72SJ is for applications where materials must be kept hot in order to remain fluid. Examples are chocolate, asphalt, resins and polymers. The strainer body temperature is maintained by circulating steam or a heat transfer fluid through the strainer jacket. The basic strainer used in the Model…Learn more

Model 53 Ball Type Duplex Basket Strainer

Eaton’s Model 53 Ball Type Duplex Basket Strainer can operate continuously, eliminating the need to shut down processes for cleaning of strainers. When the first basket is full, a unique flow diverter cartridge shifts flow to a second basket to permit removal and cleaning with no interruption to operations. The heart of the this duplex strainer is the unique flow diverter…Learn more

Model 50 Plug Type Duplex Strainer

The Eaton Model 50 plug type duplex strainer (also called a twin basket strainer) consists of two separate high quality strainer baskets, and a pressure rated plug valve. The design is such that it is impossible for this operation to stop the flow because of the unique port design in the…Learn more

Model 52 Large Duplex Basket Strainer

The Eaton Butterfly Valve Model 52 Large Duplex Basket Strainer is a special design with for large size pipelines with high flow rates. Flow is switched from one basket chamber to the other by a pair of synchronized, high quality butterfly valves. The flow enters the basket from the…Learn more

All Plastic Simplex Basket Strainer

The Eaton All-Plastic Simplex Strainer is the answer for straining applications in corrosive or ultra pure services. There is no metal used in its construction to leach out and contaminate sensitive fluids. And because it’s plastic this simplex strainer will never rust or corrode. They are available in PVC and…Learn more

All Plastic Duplex Basket Strainers

All Plastic Duplex Basket Strainers In many corrosive or sensitive process media straining applications, plastic is the preferred material of construction for a duplex strainer. Eaton’s all plastic duplex basket strainers are resistant to a wide variety of corrosive acids and other aggressive materials. They will work in applications that might require a much more […]

Temporary Cone and Basket Strainers

Temporary Cone and Basket Strainers ISC offers fabricated Temporary Cone and Basket Strainers also known as Model 92 Simplex Strainer; these temporary pipeline strainers are a cost effective means for temporary straining for start-up applications. Fabricated temporary cone and basket are designed for initial start-up and should not be used as a permanent straining solution. Please contact […]

Basket and Screen Data

Data Basket and Screen Design The basket or screen is the heart of an Eaton Strainer and is designed to be both effective and durable to perform its function correctly. There are two different designs of both baskets for Eaton basket strainers and screens for Y strainers…standard and heavy duty. Standard baskets…Learn more

Pressure Drop Calculations

Pressure Drop Calculations Technical Information for Standard Cast Pipeline Strainers Perform Pressure Drop Calculations for your liquid filtration application. Pressure drops for Models 30, 50, 510, 570 and 72 strainers are available by hitting the link below. The curves are based on the flow of water through clean, perforated baskets or screens. For mesh-lined baskets […]